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No, this is not a thrash album - 86%

translucent2you, December 3rd, 2004

If you want to hear Rob Flynn play thrash, go listen to Vio-lence. Machine Head has never attempted to play thrash. So this album should not be judged in accordance with some sort of unwritten thrash rulebook.

For what this album is, lying somewhere between mid-era Pantera, mid-era Metallica, and the last couple of Max-era Sepultura albums (sans tribalism), it is quite good. The first two songs, Davidian and Old, reallly get the album started. Both are extremely catchy, but still heavy, making me want to jump out of my chair and go find the nearest pit. I mean, how can you not love a song where at the peak of the chorus, Rob bellows "Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast." The rest of the album follows in pretty much the same manner, catchy, heavy, and groovy.

The drumming is excellent. If they hadn't found this guy to play drums for them, then yes, this would have been a much more mediocre album. I suppose that it is Rob's band, and he definitely has a concept of how he wanted this album to sound, but the drummer really carries the album. The guitar work is OK. It really isn't anything to brag about by itself, but this is not intended to be a flashy album guitar-wise. It merely serves the purpose of providing heaviness. About on par with latter day Obituary. Rob's vocals are about the same. They exist to serve the music, not to steal the spotlight. And he does actually sing some. It is not terrible, but I was introduced to Machine Head through The Burning Red, so I was already accustomed to Rob singing.

Anyways, if you just enjoy heavy, catchy music, then check this album out. It won't change your life, but you just might get caught banging your head a few times.