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An excellent start to a once-promising career - 99%

panteramdeth, March 1st, 2004

The Burning Red was actually the first album I purchased from these guys. Was that a bad introduction or what? Fortunately, I picked up Burn My Eyes about a year later, and I am blown away by the results.

This album is not very melodic, but the music is very aggressive. The production is also pretty good, thanks to Colin Richardson (Fear Factory). It's not exactly thrash, but it's close. Songs like "Blood For Blood", "Old" and "Davidian" have some pretty mind-numbing riffs, and the drumming is very fast. Man, I wish they would write more music like this, instead of the pieces of shit that were The Burning Red and Supercharger. Plus, the lyrics of "A Thousand Lies" (in the third verse), are both ahead of and behind their time, dealing with the atrocities committed by both Bush administrations - very inspired lyrics. "Old" has a very nice bass run in the beginning of it, only to be followed with heavy guitars from Rob Flynn and Logan Mader. "The Rage To Overcome" has an excellent guitar solo about midway through (yes, this album has guitar solos, kiddies!), as does the aforementioned "A Thousand Lies" and "Old". "Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies" is full of sound bites taken from the era of the Rodney King beatings on top of some really good guitar playing - once again, very inspired stuff. "I'm Your God Now", "Death Church", and "A Nation On Fire" are of the slower variety, with the latter track ending on a fast note. Once again, tremendously good stuff!

All of these songs show Machine Head at their peak, and what a peak it is! Outstanding musicianship, very inspired songwriting, and good production are all reasons why you owe yourself to pick this one up... today!