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The embodiment of nineties metal downfall - 9%

morbert, September 25th, 2008

My god I hate this album. I truly hate it. And yes, I’ve heard it hundreds of times. Some friends of mine really got into this stuff and of course they gave me a tape without me actually asking for it. And yes, I did try it. Several times. I was wondering what the hype was all about. For years everybody was talking about this band.

This album featured two musicians I liked until the day this atrocity came out, Rob Flynn from Vio-Lence and Chris Kontos from Verbal Abuse. Of course during the nineties I had gotten used to expecting something different from the eighties musicians who used to play thrash metal , but this was MTV proof bad boy music with some guitars thrown in which didn’t do much besides being heavy for the sake of heaviness and chugging a bit here and there. Not to mention the effect this kind of music had on the metal scene and the new kind of fans it drew. It is still damaged after all these years and still I also blame this band for it, even though eventually Machine Head came to their senses and started playing something similar to metal on their 5th (!) studio album.

Let me put it bluntly: this is Wiggah rock. Hearing ‘Yo’ or ‘Muthahfuckuh’, jumping to slow music... That was the whole reason I got into metal during the eighties. To be far away from that bullshit! The whole bad ass attitude borrowed from the US & German hardcore and rap scenes including tattoos made it even worse. What is this shit? It certainly isn’t metal. This is fat men music. I dislike the whole “standing-in-the-back-putting-up-your-agry-face” atmosphere of this music. Leave that to the rappers and overweight hardcore boys.

“Davidian” has some nice ideas on drums from Chris Kontos but in fact “Blood For Blood” is the only song which sounds energetic and refreshing. For the rest of the album it’s the muthahfuckah-attitude all around. Come on party people, put your hands in the air and shout “I stole some kids lunch money and therefor I’m a bad boy”. Seriously, when I’m really aggressive, I don’t groove. I rage! Or I pound! Aggressiveness and groovyness simply don’t match.

At least Sepultura, when they started playing mid paced downtuned music, had to guts to incorporate a style (Brazilian music) which normally isn’t “bad ass” and make it into something characteristic. You could say Pantera started it all a few years earlier but at least they still had some ‘riffs’ and a lot more diversity in their songs on Comboys from Hell. ‘Burn My Eyes’ sounds like being heavy for the sake of heaviness and the bad boy attitude is almost comical because of the cheap hardcore and rap metal monosyllabic shouting vocal styles. And by the way, there’s one word even worse than ‘Yo’ and ‘Muthahfuckah’ combined….‘respect’. Yuck! One could even say the shouting of the word ‘respect’ was the start of emo…

If this is the sound of the angy working class, I’m hereby declaring war on the proletariat! Metal is a ‘feeling’ which music gives to you but this album, apart from Blood for Blood (1/11 song = 09 points), never gives me that ‘metal-feeling’. Go back to ‘tha hood’ and take this crap with you.