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Not thrash, damn you all - 34%

UltraBoris, August 13th, 2002

Okay, let this be a lesson to all concerned. If you sound like this, then you are not thrash.

Really. Thrash is, maybe not always faster, but definitely more riff-oriented (if you want to hear midpaced thrash, check out Artillery's first demo).

Most of the stuff on this album is pretty much what can best be considered "half-thrash", in that it's halfway to thrash. The songs build up to a certain point, and there are riffs here and there, but the riffs are not overt enough, or choppy enough, to be fully thrash. What they really sound like are very watered-down speed metal riffs (same note, over and over again), slowed down a bit, and, most importantly reduced in the mix to accent the drums, thereby totally losing their edge. Throw in some Pantera-esque yelled vocals - generally midpaced and monotone, lacking distinction... oh and of course, every once in a while, stop the guitars entirely.

And, frankly, that style of music blows ass. You take a perfectly good genre of music, and poop on it. There really is no good reason why, other than "it hadn't been done before". New shit is still shit. That's just how the world works. It's music like this that is the precursor to fucking mallcore. Look what you've done, you goddamn imbeciles. You took thrash and speed metal and turned it into this swill. Stupid squeal guitar, awful clean vocals, and other derivatives of modern filth that are pretty much a rebellion against common sense.

The highlights... well, the album actually starts off pretty decent. Davidian is a very good song. Even Old has its moments, and starts off quite promising. However, when it gets to that horrendous chorus, with its stomach-ache vocals, the album is unforgiveably corrupted. Then there's stupid interludes like "Real Eyes", and did I mention the fact that Flynny should NEVER EVER try clean vocals?? "I'm Your God Now" is basically grunge.

So if you like your music boring, slowed down, and generally uninspired, this is the band for you. People that actually think this is the be-all, end-all of Robb Flynn are strongly encouraged to check out Eternal Nightmare and Oppressing the Masses.

I leave it up to you to figure out the name of the band.