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I Like - 89%

Tziff5, September 30th, 2006

Machine Head's debut is one definately one of the good ones. Robb Flynn proves himself to be a great musician, as Machine Head rocks the house with this one.

Riffing is obviously MH's highlight. The riffs are mainly guitar driven, and consists of bass-treble picking (you'll get it when you hear), which have become Machine head's trademark. The bass is steady and gives a solid groove and background to the riffs. Even though they are not complex constructions, the riffs are a good effort and not just background.

The songs are constructed in such way that when a good riff shows up, the vocals step down. More in that matter are the quiet parts in the songs that seem to be widespread in nowadays Metalcore and Nu-Metal (and are the reason for the downscoring). So this album is probably one of the roots of this epidemic, but I forgive MH because they kick ass!

Logan Mader also kicks ass here. Although not every song has solo, most of them do, and Mader does not dissappoint and the solos are quite good. Mader seems to put a lot of thought and feel in them, although Flynn's riff underneath is often simple, maybe to accent the solo.

The drumming is more than fair, and does not let down. Chris knows when to take the stage but doesn't often does. When he does he shows feel, yet keeps in order and doesn't get too wild. When the guitar takes the stage, the drumming is in perfect mach and accurate. Even when the riff is ultra-fast (the ending of "A Nation of Fire" for example) - Chris kicks ass.

The production is accurate and solid. Every instrument sounds great and Machine Head talent sounds to its full extent. "Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies" is an exception, then the Riff sounds underneath the noise and a bit spoils, but in overall its a good track.

In total summery, "Burn My Eyes" consitutes Machine Head's sound for the future, and it is for the best. The riffs rock, the solos are great, and even though there are these quiet parts, the album gives you a full Machine Head experience.