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A relentless mother fucker of an album - 95%

Flid_Merchant, August 8th, 2004

Machine Head's 1994 debut seems very much a love/hate album. It also happens to be one of my all time favourite albums, and I find it's style to be rather unique.

One of the main complaints of most people who dislike this album is that it isn't true thrash metal. This is true, it isn't thrash metal at all, and the real problem here is that these people were expecting something different to what they got.

This album throws aside a lot of the traditional characteristics of metal - complex guitars, stretched out songs, and replaces it with all out aggression. No bullshit complicity here, this is simple metal best characterised by the opening track Davidian. Simple riffs, double bass and clean but aggressive vocals form an unrelenting monster of a song. Later tracks, such as Old, A Thousand Lies and A Nation On Fire incorporate more melodic elements into them, but use a similar formula. The songs flow perfectly, no irellevant stuff in the middle of them.

I have 3 complaints about this album however. The first is a few songs have unnecessarilly long, and quite frankly shit, filler intros. Examples of this are I'm Your God Now, which has a minute or so of repetative bass before the vocals even start, and Blood For Blood which takes 48 seconds of stupid screeches before the song starts properly. Another is that some of the solos aren't too good. While songs like the aforementioned I'm Your God Now and Death Church have nice solos that fit the pace and tune of the song, others, and in particular Davidian, are far too downtuned and sound like more of a drone. My last complaint is track 10, Real Eyes Realize Real Lies. Congratulations, you wrote a riff and played some sounds on top of it, now get rid of this filler crap.

All in all, I think this is a great album, and if you have an open mind and aren't expecting thrash metal, you may like it. Definately listen to a couple of songs before you buy it.