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Mediocre/Quite Common - 69%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, September 17th, 2007

Maceration is an almost unknown band from Denmark and the only thing that can make it more famous is the presence of Dan Swano in the line up, at the voice. The group’s style is a quite common death metal that reminds me a much better band in those years, Master. The vocals are very similar, not too death with thrash influences. The thing you can hear immediately is the guitar sound, so loud compared to the drums and the voice.

The band plays quite well but the songs are sometimes boring and too long for my death metal standard…the guitars parts sometimes just reach a level of mediocrity and the drums production is low, not enough to give a strong support to the violence of the guitars. When the drums enter the songs, especially from the mid paced to up tempo, they are not powerful enough and jet from here you can understand that this is not a masterpiece.

After a small piano intro the first song is violent but not catchy and the playing time surely doesn’t help…the songs are too long in my opinion. The guitars solos are a bit general and only in the final song “The Forgotten” you can hear good ones. I liked the frontal assault of songs like “Trasmogrified” or “The Watcher” but on the other hand a song like the title track is quite boring.
Sometimes, speed apart, the good things come when the tempo is very slow with growls, achieving the goal of creating a rotten atmosphere so well done by Obituary.

“Pain And Pleasure Incarnate” is quite a good song where the slower parts are very evil and rotten and there are more tempo changes. The refrain is good and more catchy than in the other songs. The main thrashy riff on “Mind Rampant” songs is good for making some headbanging while the song, like the other ones, is constantly balanced between to some good parts and some more boring.

It is very difficult to give a mark to this album, but I have to warn you that this is not a masterpiece; it’s just a mediocre, in some points quite good, album that surely it’s not necessary to have in your metal collection. The brutality is present but it could have been much better and a bit shorter in my opinion. If you want a great dose of death/thrash with nuts listen to Master’s “On the Seventh Day…” , it’s much better.