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Real Epic Black Metal - 95%

ict1523, February 4th, 2006

This is the latest in a series of great black metal bands I have found from Greece. This band I respect a lot because while many great black metal bands these days are turning into jokes, such as Mayhem and Dimmu Borgir, this band sounds like awesome black metal we all loved in the 90s. It has a very epic feeling and it actually sounds a little bit like Burzum. The music while different once again has the long and drawn out epic feeling, and the vocals for the most part are awesome shrieking which I love, Varg also does some great shrieking.

There aren't many vocals on the album but that isn't a problem. The vocals are great which makes you like and appreciate them more when you hear them. Also while some people may say this is boring and repetitive I disagree. Epic black metal is different and while you may call it "repetitive" because many riffs do repeat, that does not make it boring. I think you need to really like epic metal because only then do you realize the atmosphere created by all these riffs. This album may take a while to digest also, which is why many people including myself dont often want to give the album a chance to grow on you, but once you do its worth it. Other aspects of the album such as the production are also good. The production is perfect for giving it a bit of a raw feeling as well as epic.

There are only 5 tracks on this album, but they are pretty long all between 5 and 12 minutes. Its hard to pick out highlights, because all the songs are great, and many have catchy riffs such as "In Memory" and "A Call From Gods to God" and the Hellas Odes, both A and B which is actually one song and not two. All the songs start off great which is awesome because it sets a very dark and sad atmosphere. We also get some wonderful acoustic guitars on here, notably on the intro to "An Ode to Rhode".

This truly is an amazing album and it is recommended to black and epic metal fans, fans of Burzum will also most likely love this album. Hoping the band creates many more albums in the future and sticks to true black and epic metal.