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Epic Black Metal - 97%

girionis, May 9th, 2007

This is the latest LP that is stuck in my turntable for hours now and I can see it staying there for weeks. First of all this is an Obscure Abhorrence production so you know what to expect, very rarely Obscure Abhorrence lets a metal fan down.

Secondly the music is simply awesome. Fast, melodic and epic black metal with slow tempos at some points and very heavy riffs. There are also some acoustic guitar breaks with keyboards at the background which give a majestic and ancient feeling to this recording. But what really makes the difference I believe is the melody. Most parts of the album are melodic, the riffs, the rhythms, even the solos and this melody comes straight from the guitars and at times from the keyboards. But do not let the word melody fool you, this is black metal sound, played with another style, more epic and heroic. Add the scarce vocals (the words are mainly narrated alongside with the music) to all this and you have a new greek epos.

The voice is classic black metal shrieking and at some points clean, especially when Alexandros narrates and chronicles the stories. The production is good with loads of distortion on the guitars and raw sound. It could have been cleaner but I think the group cared more for the feeling and the energy you would get from this album rather than a clean and polished production. Oops, the album is finished, I am off to play it again.