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The Definition Of Perfection - 100%

Innenraum, January 29th, 2006

Wow, just wow.

Macabre is an amazing band all around. This album is, in my opinion, their best work. I'll start off by saying Corporate Death is one of the sickest, ugliest, and harshest vokillists in the metal underground. His vocals are high, completely comprehensible, and harsh as FUCK. I have never heard someone sing with such intensity since Kevin Sharp from Brutal Truth. His lyrics are also very intelligent, and very funny at the same time. The guitar work on this album is stunning. Brutal riffs, thrashy, speedy, and awesome. The solos are very clean sounding, and the mix on this album is so great you can hear the solo and everything else going on at the same time perfectly. Dennis The Menace does an excellent job on this cd. Very fast, lots of blasts and double bass that isn't overused, and intense.
Nefarious grunts his head off on this release and has some great bass-lines for this CD, it makes the whole thing as heavy as it is.

This album has it all for any fan of extreme metal: Inteligent but hilarious lyrics, harsh-as-hell high pitched screams, brutal low growls, brutal guitar-work, killer and fast drum work, and an original sounding bass.

Any fan of grind, death metal & serial killers must have this release, it's the definition of perfection!