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Their best - 96%

brogamyr, December 17th, 2008

This album quickly became my favorite of all time due to its sick and morbid content. Songs about serial killers and mass murderers, well written and executed, catchy and technical, is what this band makes, and they're fucking good in doing it.

Musically, you can hear influences from thrash metal, death metal, and grindcore.
The vocals fit the music very well, ranging from maniac shrieks, to high pitched screams, to harsh growling.

Take Zodiac for example. The track starts slow, and then progresses to Corporate Death growling the lines of one of the actual Zodiac letters, before roaming into the upbeat chorus that is reminiscent to songs from the 60's that will stay in your head and force you to sing along.

Like the previous album Gloom, most of the songs start with singing and then well thought-out instrumental parts. Best example for that is Vampire Of Düsseldorf, which in the end showcases the advanced skills of the members.

The production is excellent, but not too clean of course. The guitar sounds gritty and raw, and the bass is really audible and energetic. The drums are my favorite part of the band musically, because Dennis the Menace is one of the best drummers I've heard. The drumming has improved since Gloom, and focusing more on double bass then blastbeats.

If you are a fan of thrash metal, grindcore or death metal, you should pick it up. You won't have any regrets about it.

The Definition Of Perfection - 100%

Innenraum, January 29th, 2006

Wow, just wow.

Macabre is an amazing band all around. This album is, in my opinion, their best work. I'll start off by saying Corporate Death is one of the sickest, ugliest, and harshest vokillists in the metal underground. His vocals are high, completely comprehensible, and harsh as FUCK. I have never heard someone sing with such intensity since Kevin Sharp from Brutal Truth. His lyrics are also very intelligent, and very funny at the same time. The guitar work on this album is stunning. Brutal riffs, thrashy, speedy, and awesome. The solos are very clean sounding, and the mix on this album is so great you can hear the solo and everything else going on at the same time perfectly. Dennis The Menace does an excellent job on this cd. Very fast, lots of blasts and double bass that isn't overused, and intense.
Nefarious grunts his head off on this release and has some great bass-lines for this CD, it makes the whole thing as heavy as it is.

This album has it all for any fan of extreme metal: Inteligent but hilarious lyrics, harsh-as-hell high pitched screams, brutal low growls, brutal guitar-work, killer and fast drum work, and an original sounding bass.

Any fan of grind, death metal & serial killers must have this release, it's the definition of perfection!


KK, April 16th, 2004

Words cannot do this album justice. I had never heard Macabre before when I saw them opening for Cannibal Corpse in 2002. They are one of the most entertaining live bands I've ever seen.

The first track I heard from this record was "The Vampire of Dusseldorf". Upon hearing the intro I can remember thinking, "what the fuck is this shit?", almost in the same sense as when I had when I first listened to "Fast as a Shark". Vampire of Dusseldorf is hilarious, skullcrushing, technically astounding (2:19), catchy as all hell, and it never gets old.

The opening track, "Nightstalker", is just so fucking cool. I don't how many times I hit the back button on my CD player to hear Corporate Death scream, SWEAR TO SATAN! From there it just goes into this monstrously simple crushing riff. I find myself laughing and headbanging when the chorus comes up. The high pitched voice yelling "NIGHT STALK-ERRR" is just so fucking metal, not to mention the chorus riff is flat out brutalizing.

The Boston Strangler is my other favorite from this disc. Corporate Death's high pitched vocals are just awesome.

As someone previously mentioned, this disc never gets old.

Absolute mastery of old-school grindcore - 97%

Vintersemestre, May 15th, 2003

From the opening track entitled "Nightstalker", when Corporate Death screeches "SWEAR TO SATAN", you know you're going to be in for a complete and utter metal assault. The great thing about this album, is it is one of the few that never gets old; I can listen to it over and over and still headbang until I'm blind. When it reaches track seven, and "Boston Strangler" starts beating you down, you'll see what I mean about this gem never losing it's grace, the song pounds and pounds, unrelenting until the chorus is etched into your brain.

Believe it or not, certain folk/nursery rhymes influences are evident here (good examples, are track five: "Zodiac", track eight: "Mary Bell"), foreshadowing their quaintly amusing "Macabre Minstrels" side-project. Bands that employ such novel and interesting musical scapes into something as sociopathic as grindcore (and do it well) are few and far between.

The acoustic ballad, "Mary Bell" (track eight) is a good addition to the album in my opinion, though the following track, which is basically the same song without vocals is pointless. They could have amalgamated the two into one song, though I'm sure they have their reasons for not doing so.

Another high-point on this album is "What's That Smell?", a grind attack about Jeffrey Dahmer.

The guitaring here is awesome, bringing to (my) mind Repulsion and DRI, among others. The vocals are among the top ten in the grindcore scene, most definitely. The drumming is equally excellent, and toned just perfectly for what this band succeeds at doing: making excellent grindcore, that never repeats itself or grows tiring. This trio is one of few bands who can do no wrong in my book; no one plays tighter murder metal than these men.

This album, Gloom/Grim Reality and Dahmer would never leave my CD changer if I had one.

High score!