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Frightfully Catchy! - 92%

BuriedAdulation, August 20th, 2004

Aaarrghhh! I fucking love this album! From the ear piercing shriek on the opening track until the German finale, this catchy, fun album is one you can say you proudly own. Over twenty fucking years without a single line-up change! The chance of this happening again is like the French winning two consecutive battles.

First thing, THE BASS. It is clearly audible on all songs! A band that truly appreciates the almost unknown instrument in metal. Nefarious can pull out some funky bass lines, especially on the first couple tracks. His backing vocals compliment Corporate Death’s vocals perfectly. Their vocal performance on “The Hillside Stranglers” and “Poison” are fucking great. You can actually sing-along with many of their songs, like “Fatal Foot Fetish”, JERRY BRUDOS. Marvelous contribution from Nefarious.

Corporate Death’s vocals fit the catchy music. He does not growl or scream. Although who does both occasional, his main vocal style is different He has a sinister tone to it like he is about to reek madness upon everyone, like many of the serial killers he talks about. His lyrics are simple, they rhyme and breed well with the songs. Lyrics for the “The Ice Man” sucked though, Rhyming with the same word is foolishness. His riffs are so fucking simple and yet so fucking catchy. I mean, the main riff for “Werewolf Of Bedburg” has such an ominous feel to it as if you were actually in the woods alone running towards what seems never-ending darkness, you trip, panic and eventually your limbs are consumed. “Jack the Ripper” also has a deep ambiance, like you can connect yourself with the song and put yourself in the setting of what is occurring. The crunchy tone of the guitar is a breath of fresh air while his solos are a wonderful break from the frightening tales of horror. Nicely done by Corporate Death.

I am very content with the drumming by Denis the Menace. Amazing cymbal work and although I would have liked to hear the bass drum have a more punch to the sound. The snare is not annoying. Great use of everything he is equipped with. Fills do not disappoint Superb dynamics and technicality. He can switch up with the songs well. I would love to hire Macabre to play at my funeral.

The great thing about Macabre is that they have a lot of REPLAY value. This album does not get old quickly. You can distinctly identify each song here. And you absolutely can not forget their loveable nursery rhymes. Catchy shit. The only band who does this. Also the fact that many songs by Macabre paint an image into your brain about these serial killers. Their unpleasant crimes and nightmarish habits can be felt. Macabre truly capture this disturbing part of criminal history and blend it with their style of “Murder Metal” Thrashy, grindy, and simply memorable.

Three years waiting - 94%

Vintersemestre, September 8th, 2003

This album opens up with somewhat uncharacteristic riffs in the first song, but the minute I heard the nursery rhyme chorus I knew that they hadn't changed for the worse. This is textbook Macabre with more life, more energy, more creativity and new ideas (although not any new lyrical ideas). The only thing that displeased me was the chorus in The Hillside Stranglers (I'm gonna strangle you, I'm gonna strangle you). Do they remember that they've used this, almost in the exact same tone of voice on Vampire of Dusseldorf (I'm gonna strangle you and I'll slit your throat too)? Aside from that glaring spot of rehashing, everything else is as tight and vicious as ever.

After hearing very solid Destruction and Iron Maiden releases, I can't thank this band any more for not sucking. You may hear something a little different when this one kicks off (if you're expecting classic Macabre), but don't turn it off in disgust. It's not a bad thing, in fact, it's a very good thing.