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Sickeningly peaceful - 94%

Demogoron, March 31st, 2009

Macabre has released a number of sickeningly humorous, and yet brutal, releases in their time but none have surpassed the sinister EP that is "Morbid Campfire Songs." With nothing more than acoustic guitars, a bass, and vocals carried by both Corporate Death and Nefarious, they deliver their humorously putrid lyrics along with genius instrumental all concentrated within a mere five track EP.

If I'm not mistaken, all the tracks are just parodies of already existing songs and children songs (The cat came back, In the mountains, Found a peanut). It's the sick lyrical twist on these songs accompanied by the gentle vocals of Corporate and Nefarious that glorify this release. For instance, in the song "in the mountains", there's this line that reads "He cut up the men in the mountains" which is sung in the same tone to the original "In the mountains" making it all the more humorous. All songs except "Found a peanut" reek of dark humor in the lyrics. "Found a Peanut", while instrumentally akin to the original, lacks the lyrical shape up needed to fit in flawlessly with the rest of the tracks, thus my only reason why this EP doesn't score a perfect 100%.

The guitars and bass are recorded very well. There's a solo on "The cat came back" that I'd say is undoubtedly Macabre's best. The production of this release is crisp and clean thus allowing you to hear every note plucked perfectly.

For sick fucks with a sense of humor equally sick. Truly a solid release. I just wish Macabre would release a full length album like this.