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Crappy production, but nice songs - 70%

Cochino, March 25th, 2006

songs on this album are great, including a version of one of my favorite Black Sabbath songs (the one that gives the title to this EP), but the production ruins them. Since I'm a big fan of the band I listened to the album over and over again until I found some harmonies that aren't appreciable at first. Someone who doesn't knows the band or doesn't cares about it that much, is possible that would throw the album away and say, "this is just plain shit", but please, believe me and give it a chance.
Now here’s the review song by song:

It starts with "Fishtales", a very cool and funny song that parody’s sailor songs using the last name of the serial killer Albert Fish in different word games. The song mixes, as Macabre often does, death metal with some folk songs. Since, as I mentioned before, the theme is sailor songs, is a mid tempo, but undeniable heavy tune. Corporate Death alternates his high pitched death metal growl with the lower one, showing Macabre’s unique style. Too bad the production makes it sound as an illegible ball of sound.

Then comes a very good version of Black Sabbath "Behind the Wall of Sleep", here the production doesn't ruin it that much.

After that comes an old song of the band that was never recorded, "Slaughter Thy Poser", and again shitty production almost ruins it. It could have sounded far more brutal, but the music sounds very tame and doesn't match with the aggressive death metal vocals.

And then comes the closing song, "Freeze dried man", which is the best on the whole EP but also is the one most damaged by the production. Is some sort of a jazz-metal song where the three instruments constantly improvise and variates their parts, but the bass is almost inaudible, and the great stuff Nefarious does in this song goes unnoticed.

Closure: this is not the perfect presentation for the band to a new listener. If you’ve never heard the band I recommend you to start with Sinister Slaughter, Dahmer or Murder Metal, where the very original style of Macabre can be appreciated at its best. This album is good only if you’re a fan, or already heard and liked the band.