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Cro$$over thra$h for ca$h - 45%

Thrashohol, March 20th, 2006

Anytime a new form of music is around enough to establish a genre, it's unfortunately only a matter of time until the posers arrive. Even shitty genres like emo and metalcore. How many bands with long names and pretty hair showed up on the scene after the initial onslaught? Tons, offering little or nothing to the already saturated genre. It's happened with every new genre of music, and will continue to happen until the end of time. Enter MX Machine.
MX Machine's 'Manic Panic' is a crossover thrash album during the height of the crossover movement. The record is full of forgettable riffs, antiseptic production with the most banal guitar tone you'll ever hear, inaudible bass,0 and droning drumming. After two different listens, the only song that I can even remember is 'Psychotic Killing Machine' and that's only because the singer repeats the song title like 10 times per each chorus. Vocals are neither bad nor good, they're just there.
Maybe these guys were good live and had a reasonable fan following, but more than likely they were some rich kids who quickly jumped on the "fun-thrash crossover" bus and were lucky enough to get picked up by Restless, who were in turn, hoping to make a quick buck off of a peaking trend. I love thrash and I love crossover, but I hate bands like this that helped kill the genres they were involved with. Another thing. This album has some of the most retarded cover art I've ever seen, Retarded enough to take this album from barely adequate to ultimately terrible. Lucky for me, I picked this album up in a lot on ebay with 7 others, and it defenitely wasnt my main reason for getting said lot. I'm writing this review to stop any fans of decent crossover from making a horrible mistake by purchasing this album. Consider yourself warned. Classy thrashers might like it though. I hear it goes great with Testament.