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This was to be expected but nevertheless GREAT! - 90%

morbert, August 9th, 2007

Right, simply said we have got ‘Spreak English Or die’ part 2 here. A bad thing? No, of course not. Nothing wrong with having more of that yummy crossover. When finally the real second S.O.D. album was released in 1999, I loved ‘USA for MOD’ even more. And you get my meaning I assume. There are only two things missing here that prevent this album from being just as good as Speak English was. First of all: Ian, Benante and Lilker. Their sound remains unequalled in terms of heaviness and tightness. Ballone, McMurtrie and Davis are good, but not THAT good. And secondly: the element of surprise.

The version of ‘Aren’t You Hungry’ found on this album is actually the second version of it, without all the riffs Scott Ian later used for the Anthrax song ‘Imitation of Life’. ‘Ballad of DIO’, ‘Short But Sweet’, ‘Bushwackateas’ and ‘Ruptured Nuptuals’ are the extremely short tunes this time and all great and different. I always found ‘That Noise’ rather obsolete by the way. That joke was funny only once. The Ballad ‘Ode To Harry’ still makes me laugh after all these years. Of course there are lyrical moments that go too far in the eyes of some (‘Get A Real Job’, ‘Imported Society’) but the emphasis is really on comedy here. Try ‘Spandex Enormity’ and ‘Bubble Butt’ for instance. I know it’s cheap, but laughing at fatties always works. Thrashing along with ‘I Executioner’, ‘The Hate Tank’, ‘Thrash or Be Thrashed’ and ‘A.I.D.S.’ is possible as well.

It was a pretty complete album, incorporating everything you expected and hoped for. So all you could complain about was predictability, but not about the quality.