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M.O.D. For Me! - 85%

PowerMetalGuardian, April 29th, 2003

After the proclamied funniest thrash/crossover album, Speak English or Die, Storm Troopers of Death (SOD) decided not to come out with any more albums. The singer of SOD, Bill Milano formed a new band, Method of Destruction (MOD). There first release, this album continued the thrash/crossover type songs. The lyrics are very funny, with added sound effects. Hell some of the songs last only a couple seconds!

Is this album any good? Yes, in many ways it is. Some people don't like MOD because of there short songs and silly lyrics. Take as is, I guess. I think sometimes it is great to get away from dying lyrics and listen to songs about wearing Tina Turner wigs and Jim Gordon. What makes the lyrics even better is that they have added sound effects. For example in the song Don't Feed the Bears, at the end of the song it goes "And Don't Feed the Fucking Bears" (bear growl). Silly? Yes! But interesting, and worth a laugh or two. One song, called That Noise, isn't even a song, just a funny skit where something goes wrong and stuff, funny shit!

Besides silly lyrics and short songs, sometimes containing a sentence, this album has potential. If you look at it in a musical perspective, getting away from the humor part, then you can see so much more. When you blast this album for the first time you will notice that we are blasted with an awsome killer thrash riff. SOD was always known for its punk/ thrash riffs, but MOD definetly took on a complete thrash style of riffing. There are a lot of great thrash riffs, bass intros, and super fast drumming that gives this album a great musical appearance! I recommend this album for people who want to laugh and escape the reality of life. Also get it if you like Anthrax type thrash, er....just plaing out thrash!!!