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What did you expect? Same old... - 70%

MHITO, July 6th, 2003

MOD has always been known for their somewhat comedic posturing. A mishmash of Mucky Pup-like Hard Core and SOD (what else did you expect of Billy Milano) like Thrash with lyrics that are known for their directness and satire. With the new album little has changed. The music is tight and groovy and Milano spits his words out accordingly. Unfortunately there are no lyrics included with the promo, which makes it very hard to pass judgement upon the diatribe Milano has undoubtedly unchained. And the thing is that the lyrics were always the main asset of MOD. Ranging from Billy’s hate for the Middle East (Ass-ganistan) and Rage Against The Machine (Rage Against The Mac Machine) to his distrust of German bands that glorify march music and other Reich symbolism (The Men Of Stein). But I am hard pressed to come up with some really cool quotes so you’ll just have to listen to the album. And you know? The long and short of it is really simple:

Everyone who likes their metal with humour and has already bought or listened to MOD or SOD can go ahead and buy this album Everyone who takes offence at Reactionary humour or rudeness leave it in the store. The only thing that really sucks about this album is the fact that there are but 8 new tracks (plus 4 radio edits that sound identical to the originals) and that this thing is marketed as a full-length.

(This review was originally written for and is republished with kind permission of the webmaster)