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Meh.... - 50%

Shovel, May 21st, 2008

M.O.D. have a long history to them, so I won't go into it like I usually do with other bands. Needless to say, their the byproduct of S.O.D., and have been spewing out Billy Milano's rage for a good 20 years now. I haven't kept up with the band as much as I would have liked to, which is a shame, because they really are a legendery band.

Red, White and Screwed is their newest album, and comes off as straight M.O.D. This is crossover by the book. Lyrics are about everything from bullshit war to the "good ole days", as well as the standard song calling someone else out. This time the target is the singer from 25 Ta Life. The riffs are as generic as they come, sounding as if the band took all of 30 minutes to write the entire album.

As solid as this is, it sounds utterly generic compared to the newer bands of the crossover scene like Municipal Waste, Trasher, and Send More Paramedics. This is crossover played like it's 1988, and it shows. This is DRI meets mid-era Suicidal Tendencies (eww...). I couldn't see myself spending too much money on this, but if you're a diehard crossover fan, it's worth your money. Just don't expect anything invigorating.