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The last good M.O.D. album. - 85%

morbert, August 9th, 2007

Whereas the First album ‘USA for MOD’ was almost the logical S.O.D. follow-up and their 1998 EP mostly consisted of covers and jokes, ‘Gross Misconduct’ was the first real test for M.O.D. And they passed it.

The threesome Mallare, Svitek and Monte made M.O.D. sound less aggressive, more grooving, polished and modern. Secondly Milanos lyrics had a very mellow moment here. Lyrics about drunk driving and using condoms. Man, how ‘granny’ can your lyrics get….Is this Mr Milano? However, it was a good album really.

There were still plenty of up tempo moments to keep the album interesting. The highlight being the thrasher ‘The Accident Scene’. Also worth mentioning is the funny song ‘Theme’ which continues the ‘Surfing MOD’ humour. Only a few other songs remind me of Milanos previous works, namely ‘Godzula’, ‘Satan’s Cronies’ and ‘PBM’. The Fear-cover ‘In The City’ is another welcome change in sound, preventing the album from becoming monotone at times.

It does not come close to S.O.D. nor the first M.O.D. album, but ‘Gross Misconduct’ does in fact stand out as the last good M.O.D. album, considering everything that came afterwards, when M.O.D. musically became a generic nineties hardcore band.