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A monument to fucking darkness - 96%

chaossphere, November 17th, 2003

OK.. i'll admit it. When I first heard a few tracks from this album about 5 years ago, I thought it was a load of bollocks. A combination of listening to it on shitty speakers and my unfamiliarity with anything rawer than Darkthrone and early Bathory had my ears absorbing and dismissing what sounded like a bunch of instruments falling down a staircase while some guy coughed up dust in the background.

Skip forward to the present day and I can finally appreciate this album as it was intended: a harsh, minimalistic ode to the power of metal stripped down to it's bare elements, and infused with an atmosphere so grim and melancholic you'll feel like you're being enveloped by pure liquid darkness as you listen to it. The nonexistant production allows the nihilistic fervour of the music to exist in an unfettered, primal state - this is completely devoid of any trace of musicians attempting to show you how virtuosic they are. Instead, Mütiilation's entire raison d'etre is to convey their uniquely twisted worldview through sound. So, you get a mixture of filthy, high speed black metal tunes full of ear catching, twisted riffs such as "Born Under The Master's Spell", "Eternal Empire Of Majesty Death" and the unparalled majesty of "Transylvania", juxtaposed with more downbeat, creepy epics like the amazing 10 minute masterpiece "Magical Shadows Of A Tragic Past" and the monumental "Black Imperial Blood". Forget Xasthur's instrumental cover version, this is the ultimate sonic expression of M'yanech's twisted soul.

In the end, this album is about one thing, and one thing only: pure blackened atmosphere. It's not something you put on when you want your ass kicked, or when you want to mouth along to something catchy and brutal. No, you listen to Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood when you wish to be transported to a nihilistic world where the sky is eternally pitch black, the air smells like blood and burning corpses, and the shadows churn with the stalking movements of unspeakably vile creatures.