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Black Metal is supposed to sound like this. - 100%

LordBelketraya, March 24th, 2007

I've been reading some negative reviews of some LLN bands and their respective releases. Including this one. Now I don't know for sure if these are just your typical "trolls" that give everything critically acclaimed a bad review just to ruffle some feathers, be noticed or to bring down the average review rating. I've noticed this for a while and I've come to the conclusion that they either don't "get it" or they're just fucking stupid, maybe both. Some reviews just come out as anti-LLN or black metal rants that could've and should've been posted on a forum.

Anyway onto Mutiilation and Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood. This was by record to be the "only" full length release by the LLN. And boy what a release it is. Very few bands sound this depressive, angry, demented and truly evil all at once. Only the legendary ones can pull it off. Early Darkthrone, Bathory, Mayhem (Dead era) and Burzum instantly pop to my head. This album is widely sought after and with good reason. The production is raw and grim, like black metal should sound. Not the new stuff that's over the top like Cradle or glorified like Dimmu. Those have taken the name black metal and packaged the genre into some more accesible or "fan friendly" to the regular person. Black metal was never meant to be like that and Mutiilation (LLN as a whole) reminded us of it.

The whole album sends shivers down your spine and creates an atmosphere that makes you feel as if you're at a black mass or in a dark castle filled with blood thirsty vampires. This is music that needs to be taken seriously and not with an indifferent or mocking attitude as many do with the LLN or black metal. Some of you just don't get it, despite what you think (which is probably how they'd want it anyway). Once again, Meyhna'ch had an ear for a demented but catchy riff and this album is full of them. From the catchy riffs on Black Imperial Blood, Transylvania and the almost rocky one on Under Ardailles Night. This album never lets up and never disappoints. The argument can be made that this album can be one of the top 5 releases in black metal history.

It's that good and 12 years later is still one of the most desired albums. That alone is proof enough of it's excellence. The only discussion that many make is which one is the better? Vampires.. or Remains...? A strong argument can be made for both as to which is better. And in my opinion they're both equally legendary. If you don't see that, well then we're better off without you.