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Truly immortal - 99%

cinedracusio, October 26th, 2005

This is one of the most acclaimed French black metal works, and it is still not acclaimed enough, because Meyh'Nach did one of the most romantic, desperate and bleak masterpieces that the world had.
The beginning, Suffer The Gestalt, did not hook me very much, probably because the following tracks are the true neverending realm of darkness. It is made of a simple depressive riff, mixed with screams and occasional random guitar bursts. To The Memory Of The Dark Countess starts with an horrifyingly simple riff, only two notes, but one of the best riffs that ever existed in black metal, continuing in the same mournful atmosphere. However, Possessed And Immortal is the best track of this album, an excellent epic of darkness with riffs that are varied enough to keep you hypnotised.
The foggy production helped also very much in defining the album, the riffs are almost ethereal, and they do a lethal mix with Meyh'Nach's vocals. By the way, Meyh'Nach was in great form: the vocals are high-pitched and necrotic, and Meyh'Nach occasionally drops a massive low-end death growl. The percussion is very simple, Burzumesque, no Marduk bloodshed here, but anyway not super-doom Nortt style, it is mid-paced and with a bizarre unique sound. The clean guitar interlude, one of Mutiilation's assets, did a fantastic job on Maelstrom Of Evil.
Hails to Meyh'Nach for this masterpiece (and fucks for the masterpieces that followed).