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Worthy - 82%

Thamuz, August 28th, 2004

Minimilistic, dark, misanthropic and plain nasty. That is the style of Black Metal Mutiilation play. This album is both tortured and melancholic. This depressing and dark atmosphere, is provided by the 'garage' quality production and the over-whelming dissonance in the instrumentation, combined with the deft and subtle song-writing.

The guitars - and also the instruments collectively - are quite simple, and the effective use of melodic tremolo riffs entwined with slower sequences blends in nicely under the 'buzzing' distortion. The tempo of this release could not be described as an overt speed frenzy, instead concurrent with alternating between a mid paced tempo and slower more drone-like paces. The often repetitive riff structures assist in giving a desolate feel with their meandering and depressive melodies, as they drift in and out of interchangeable song sections. This gives a sound that is soothing to the mind, in the way that it doesn't hit you in face, rather drawing you into the piece with it's soulful composition.

The drumming is quite repetitive and doesn't in essence add much to the music other than pummelling along and remaining free of the over use of blast beats, giving an effect that does not degrade the effect given by the guitar. At times it does sound like incessent banging due to the poor production quality, and this can get a bit tedious.

The bass is buried deep in the mix, and is too muddy to be audible to the ear, thus we cannot really comment on whether it is effective or not.

The vocals aren't anything out of the ordinary, just the standard shriek that does little to stand out from the field. But, this can be viewed as irrelevent and the unoriginality does little to taint the lugubrious nature of the music. And this is all that really matters when discerning the worthiness of the final product.

Overall, this is quite a good release and is testament to the cult status that Mutiilation has received in the past. Essentially, nothing stands out as a single highpoint in this album. As with most quality Black Metal, it is best viewed as an entire package, and is recommending to listeners who strive to find music of a depressive and misanthropic nature.