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the gestalt of abomination - 94%

Krazumpath, July 14th, 2006

This is definitely one of the most deranged, non-convential, odd and eerie albums I've heard. The general sound and structure of songs is mismatched, demented and terrifying. The intro begins with low-toned chanting and a simple drum beat. Some faint sounds of the guitar crackle in the background. The chant howls into a scream and the off-key, distorted shit-sounding guitars sweep over. A simple down-stroked riff and drum beat follow, with horrific torture screams. A minor sounding palm muted riff follows with some completely off-tune tapping. This returns to the previous riff with more torture screams and continues, back to a strange tapping solo of unstructured dementia. The song fades out with some feed back and gurgling sounds.

The rest of the album makes much use of tremolo picked, minor sounding riffs, a great deal of torture screams, and simple drums (though they sometimes slip into slight complexity for fills). Some of the riffs are rake-picked, eerie and broken sounding breakdowns. These are used for transitional phases. Some riffs are downstroked extended chords with the drums played at the same pace or hitting crashes to accent them. On occasion palm mutes are used. These are most often used with very minor-sounding riffs, and mostly downstroked and mid paced. The alterations in minor-sounding chords cause the palm muted riffs to have a particularly depressing feel. There is a lot of feedback, and the distortion crackles and hisses in between riffs or while one guitar is breifly not playing. The drums are for the most part simple beats. Some mid-paced single kick blasts, galloping double kicks, steady double kick, or tom variations are used. The fills are relatively basic, but sometimes use more complex quick techniques. The sound of the drums is very flat, poorly recorded, and not booming or popping. The cymbals crack and crash harshly. There are some more chants appearing, sounding very dismal and monotonous. There are a few clean acoustic parts in between, which are mostly rake-picked minor-sounding chords, which lead into the same riff being played with distortion. The two track which were not a part of the original "Evil: The Gestalt of the Abomination" are more similar to the sound on "Vampires...", but with quieter sound production. These do not necessarily fit, and aren't really considered a part of the album to me, merely bonus tracks.

The general feel of the album is very depressive and bleak, but rough and poorly produced, and often oddly structured and strange, giving it an eerie quality. It is very harsh and uncompromising. Those uninterested in "raw" or "depressive" sounds, or those who think low sound production is a farce would certainly not enjoy this. Those who appreciate rawness as a quality of good black metal, and oddity as an interesting aspect would more likely appreciate this album. This is my personal favourite of Mutiilation.