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Hellegion, February 10th, 2003

This is the best black metal album I have ever heard from the French, and one of the top 10 best ever, for sure. It has very primative (yet clear) production, the guitars sound like they are being picked with razorblades, and the vocals have a possible slight hint of distortion (maybe because of the shitty mic they used?), and are high pitched, and occasionally he lets out a low growl. High vocals usually sound really fucking bad (example: parts of the Weltmacht CD, the high parts of the Absurd- Werwolfthron CD), but not these. This guy can shriek with the best of them. The pace is usually pretty slow and there are no blast beats (a lot of double kick on some tracks, though), and the guitar riffs are laced with depressing minor chords and really rememorable riffs. Occasionally, they break into a clean guitar part that helps set the atmosphere.

Now, the last two tracks on here are quite a bit different than the rest of it (a different session). The vocals on this one are growled, much like they are on Black Millenium (overall, these tracks remind me of Black Millenium, actually). They have the same guitar style (but a much weaker sound), and a VERY different production sound (basically, it is absent of production). A drum machine blasts out a bunch of double kicking and blast beats, and a keyboard does some REALLY creepy shit far back in the background. These tracks are HAUNTING. The last track, though, I usually skip totally; it sounds horrible because of the production. I am not talking Ildjarn-terrible, I mean Ildjarn, if it were played while you fell from an airplane while playing Ildjarn through a $10 2 watt stereo.