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Good debut but the ballads aren't quite that good. - 85%

slaytanic716, July 14th, 2004

Well, this album is a pretty good debut IMO if you don't listen to the ballads. They suck. Songs like Tonight (We Need A Lover), Starry Eyes, and On With the Show are pretty bad songs I think. The only good slower song on there is Merry-Go-Round because it kinda has a heavy chorus and has some good lyrics. Some of those might be on the re-release but I don't have my cd with me right now to check.

The album has some great hard tracks on it though. Piece of Your Action, Live Wire, Too Fast For Love, Come on and Dance, and Public Enemy #1 are a few of my favorite tracks from Motley Crue. Come on and Dance has riffs in it that could be a solo but to some people they might not be. The only downpoint of those songs are that Live Wire and Too Fast For Love don't include solos.

For the songs that do have solos, they're pretty much like any other Motley Crue solos. Piece of Your Action I think is the best solo on here. Fits the song perfectly and at the end Vince does an excellent scream to finish it off. For the rest of the instruments on here, Nikki's bass playing and Tommy's drumming are prefect to back up Vince's vocals and Mick's guitar playing. Overall I think this album is very good and certainly a must have for any Motley Crue fan or someone that wants to get into listening to the band.