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Heavy metal classic. - 85%

Nightcrawler, February 26th, 2004

Grah, I just wrote this damn review a few days ago. But it mysteriously disappeared, so it seems as though I'll have to rewrite it, so here we go.
Mötley Crüe is one of the classic 80s hard rock/metal acts that everyone has heard of, and all real metalheads should own at least one album from. Though both the first two are completely essential, and the third (Theatre of Pain) is pretty damn solid too.

On Too Fast For Love, they pretty much nailed the songwriting right away. The stuff on here is just what made Crüe the legends they are. Catchy, memorable and fun, balls-out heavy metal, with a solid hard rock vibe, and a pretty strong attitude. Perfect shit to sing along, headbang, air guitar and get drunk to, pretty much. Though as on any album by these guys, there is a slight filler factor. Though it's pretty small on here, consisting only of the second track Come On And Dance, which is just midpaced, plodding and hideously boring.

The rest, it ranges from good to absolutely fucking awesome. The good stuff consists of the three balladic songs on here. First Merry-Go-Round, which is very memorable from the start and then without warning kicks in with that crazy fucking guitar solo. Then the best of the ballad-bunch is Starry Eyes, which features far more emotion and better riffs than the other. On With The Show, the closer, is somewhat average, but by no means a bad song.

Then finally, we get to the absolutely awesome shit, that makes this album so awesome.
The album opens up with the best track on here, the crazy speed metal track Live Wire, which is one of the best tracks they ever did. Then Public Enemy #1, which has a lethal sense of melody and some nice galloping riffwork under the verses, and is just incredibly catchy.
Take Me To The Top is also awesome. Some of the most lethal riffs on the album, and also the distinguishable mood changes between the explosive sing-along chorus and the dark, powerful and amazingly sung verses.
Piece Of Your Action is the heaviest track on here, with a mean attitude found nowhere else on the album, and some razor sharp riffs. And watch out for the awesome solo section, that just builds up to that one explosive and intense lead. Great shit. Oh yeah, and check out Vince Neil's scream right after. Whoa.
Then there is also the title track, Too Fast For Love, which is insanely catchy with it's gang chorus and the mindblowingly groovy riffs and vocal lines. One of the definite highlights on here.

So yes, more than half of this album consists of complete fucking winners, and there's only one really weak track on here. In conclusion, you badly need this album, if some of the more praised releases in your collection include titles such as British Steel, Holy Diver, Wheels of Steel and the likes.
This is early 80s heavy fucking metal the way it was meant to be, and the instantly recognizable styles of each individual member works perfectly together to create a metal classic. Vince's voice is nearly feminine on some songs (not in the incessant falsetto way of many power metal vocalists however, not that there's anything wrong with that...), but as previously stated, he still got the fucking balls, and belts out some amazing vocal lines. The guitarwork of Mick mars is some of the best he ever laid down. They're perfectly backed up by the powerful, catchy drumming of Tommy Lee and the solid basswork of main songwriter Nikki Sixx.
The first two pieces of work these four guys put out are absolutely essential. This is the first, the rest is up to you to figure out.