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The birth of glam metal, and it rocks! - 96%

IWP, June 1st, 2008

The year is 1981, and metal was just about out of it's infancy stage, and was staring to become regocnized worldwide. Sub-genres were staring to emerge like crazy, speed metal, NWOBHM, thrash, etc. and Judas Priest had released a commercial landmark album the year before in the form of British Steel. This is where Motley Crue comes in. The LA metal scene was just starting to take form, and thus give birth to a more rockin' and laid back and cool type of metal known as glam metal. Motley Crue are considered to fore-fathers of glam, and rather if you like 'em or not, they are a very important band for glam metal, and heavy metal in general. They, along with Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, etc. helped commercialize metal in the early 80s. They released quite possibly the first ever glam metal album in the form of Too Fast For Love.

Along with being the first glam album, this album is also one of the best within the genre. It has style, attitude and catchiness while still maintaining awesome ass riffs and great solos. The distortion also adds a bit of a raw sound to the album, which makes it that much better. There is hardly anthing wrong with this album, and it rocks from beginning to end.

Every song is great in their own right, but my favorite songs would have to be Public Enemy #1, Take Me to the Top, the title track, and Livewire. The formal three have nice riffs, and are very catchy, especially the title track with a nice chorus. Seriously, that shouting of "TOO FAST FOR LOVE!" totally rules and gives the song a mean attitude, and that is one of the key elements to a great heavy metal song, attitude. However, nothing else beats the excellence of the song, Livewire. This song is total fucking speed metal that has balls and aggression, and might I add, nice riffs. This song gives bands like Exciter and even Overkill a run for their money, and for a song that was written in 81, you can't get much heavier. This is easily the best song on the album, and Motley Crue proves that they know how to rock.

This album may not be respected much by fans of "extreme metal" fans, but if you're into glam metal, or even a fan of traditional heavy metal, you may take a liking to this album. It's one of the best glam metal albums, so if you're looking to get into this this form of metal, I'd recommend getitng this and their next release, Shout At the Devil. Both albums are absolute essentials.