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A piece of barb wire wrapped in a lotta cheese - 75%

Estigia666, October 1st, 2004

I gotta admit it, folks, the first time I heard this I thought it was bad. BAD. The cheese factor was umbearable for me to take, but with many, many repeated listens I learned to appreciate it more, but I can't give it more than a 75 rating. It could have been better, the way I see it. Production wise, the thing is rawer than any of Crüe's later efforts, having a "cheap studio" live feel and a guitar tone that can slice steel and then some, so no complains there. The good: "Live Wire", "Take me to the Top", "Piece of your Action" and "Starry Eyes". The first being a completely over-the-top speed metal burner in the "something spawned by the goddamned demons that made judas priest possible" style (think the fast songs on Killing Machine). "Piece of your Action" is my favorite song of the album, evolving from a Highway Star-esque build-up and turning into a total early-80s rocker with the balls of a Yak. Hell yeah. Some high screaming in the middle, more Hell for me. And sure, it IS cheesy, but not in a way that it deserves to be in the next category. The cheesy: "Come on and Dance", "Public Enemy #1", "Merry Go Round" and the title track. They are not bad but I cannot include them on the "good" category simply because the riff work doesn't kill me (with the exception of "Come on and Dance" and it's bludgeoning main riff. How could a riff so damn annihilative can come in a song with such a chorus? :/ ) and the cheese factor is up a notch. Still, tolerable and a lotta fun. The bad (or the "ludicrously cheesy"): "On with the Show". This song I just cannot stand. Whatever tolerance limit I may have for cheeseball music, it is completely surpassed in a way it makes my toenails curl. A loser of a song, when is all said and done. But even with it's down points, I still recommend this. Oh, and if you search enough through file sharing (or live in the States and are lucky enough to find an original tape / vinyl) you may get the original Leathur Records version with a slightly different mix, vocals with more reverberance to them and an even RAWER guitar tone. As for the recording itself, it is what it is: great music to drive your car at high speeds, sip a couple beers with the buddies or doing the nasty with some big-titted provides a great soundtrack to life's most fun moments, simply because is such a fun record.