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Mötley Crüe - Too Fast for Love

Who can possibly dislike this? - 96%

Echobreather, November 19th, 2023

Ha, I still managed to let many months pass without me actually writing reviews or doing anything else on this site besides adding my band on here! Yes, I'm well aware that I've too often pointed out this inconvenience, so I'll stop bringing this up from now on, and hopefully I don't forget to write more reviews. But the bigger issue is that I've noticed that I have written an overwhelming number of negative reviews, so today I decided to write a more positive review of something I actually like.

I recently decided to revisit Mötley Crüe, a band I used to listen to a lot when I was still a tiny little nuisance, more notably this album. And I have to say, it's still a great album, besides some of the lyrics of course. Many catchy songs, great riffs, cool vocal performance from Vince Neil, and overall, just a good time around. Yes, it's easy, but the point of this isn't to be complex. It's glam metal, and glam metal was meant to appeal to a major audience, so it's main point maybe even WAS to be simple, but sometimes the songs aren't so easy, you listen to "Piece of Your Action" and many of the solos scattered throughout the record, surely something any average Joe can't play.

It's here where Mötley were arguably still very much heavy metal, or "Heavy FUCKING Metal!!!" as UltraBoris would usually put it when he was talking about good music. And it can be proved by the riffs, they might be repetitive, but they still are virtuosic and sound like metal riffs, especially for very early 80s standards. The distortion obviously is too thick for these guitars to be for just rock and obviously the riffs are also quite heavy sometimes, even at some parts which aren't supposed to be very heavy are still kind of heavy like the chorus part of "Merry-Go-Round" and "On with the Show" or the title-track or "Public Enemy #1", of which the latter kind of sounds like some 70s brit punk. So sad that Mick had to leave the band! The bass is actually quite audible, especially for commerce in the 80s and metal in general. And when the bass changes notes then you can actually hear it change notes, but that's unfortunately all remarkable that can be said about bass, although it should be noted that it was Nikki Sixx that composed all of the songs here. So, kudos to Nikki!

As for the drums, for today's standards they are ok, but for the 80s they are very much revolutionary. Because like, where could you really hear the double bass being used as much in 1981 than in "Live Wire" besides Venom's "Welcome to Hell". Most importantly they get the job done, they are very punchy, have a lot of smack, sound very pristine and also clean. Tommy Lee ain't no Dave Lombardo but he certainly couldn't have been a more suitable drummer for the band. And now let's address Vince Neil, on this album he's certainly much younger, but already his pipes were already made for singing and shouting like an eagle! However, he sometimes does sound kind of corny when he's just shouting randomly or saying "yeah!" or "oh no" or the like without it actually being necessary, but his vocal work just makes sense for the music so it's not bad. Lyrics are obviously nothing to write home about, but again, its glam metal, no need to be philosophical, so most lyrics are about the typical 80s rockstar subjects: women, drugs, cars, partying, playing music loud, y'know, the good stuff!

But in conclusion, should you listen to this? YES! I mean, it might not be the most impressive music in the world, but it certainly works, and that's pretty much the most important thing for music, to work and have an impact on the audience. So, if you are okay with commerce music or glam metal then you should not have a problem with listening to this. But if you desire metal, or traditional metal, then surely you'll love this too. But if the aforementioned lyrical subjects are too cheesy for you, then I can understand you turning it off, but for the music you can't say this is bad with a straight face!

Like the title says, who can possibly dislike this?

(turns around) What's that? Boomers? Oh yeah... probably...