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Better than the original debut - 82%

RageW, September 8th, 2008

This is a re-recording of Mägo's debut, and I have to say it beats it on every level. The production is better, the instrumentation is less sloppy, and the way the violin/flute complement the guitar riffs is better defined here. The most obvious change though, and the biggest reason why this is so much better, is that they changed their singer for the incredible Jose Andrëa, with his Halford-esque wails he's the best singer Mägo could've found. And is a huge improvement from the singer in their debut.

Every track is really catchy, with a honorable mention in catchiness degree to 'T'Essnucaré Contra'l Bidé', which also has a very happy vibe to it, funny lyrics (in an immature way, but I don't care much about thoughtful lyrics and stuff), then you have Andrëa going "YEAH ROCK N'ROLL" which makes me laugh every time. Them theres a very bluesy guitar solo followed by an even bluesier vocal solo at the end!

'El Lago' (The Lake) has a very cool intro with the violin and the flute, and the chorus is quite catchy. But it is sort of overlong, they could've just put one of those amazing voice falsettos right after the solo and cut the other ones. Then 'El Hijo del Blues' (The Son of Blues) which is a rock n'roll anthem, with a very 50's sort of riff but with distortion. The guitar solo, which is really shreddy, and Andrëa's awesome vocals will make those who say all Folk Metal is pussy shit think about it twice! The lyrics even make fun of pop music calling it wussy and effeminate!

Gerdundula is an instrumental which does nothing at all, not even set up the mood for the best song in here, 'Mago de Oz'! It has a very nice acoustic riff in it, and a lot of solos, being piano/violin/flute/guitar. Then there's a little acoustic interlude, which ends up in a great violin/guitar tradeoff solo which sounds a little bit like the last part of 'Hotel California'. Then a last solo which fades out, and ends this EP with a nice touch.

So if you get to see the debut, or this 'La Bruja' (The Witch), get La Bruja without thinking it much; it's much better, and I'd say it's a great start to get into Mägo.