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Acoustic Rules - 89%

betex, August 31st, 2005

After a big successes with “La leyenda de la Mancha” specially with songs like “Maritormes” and the emblematic “Molinos de Viento” Mägo de Oz, decided to try something new, try a change that really work out for the best.

Both songs are now changed to acoustic version, and the two are just breathtaking.

The first one “Molinos de Viento”, starts very, very slow, with just the violin and a guitar the voice start the famous lyrics, that are played with a melancholic tone. But after this slow ballad, the quick part begging and the drums are added. At the end of the song if creates an idea that is about the band gang of on local pub having a good time

After that it comes “Maritormes”, this song is just incredible. It starts with a acoustic guitar solo and some drums, obviously the violin isn’t missing. In this song there is no slow part, all the song is very quick and with a really nice tone.

Both songs are great in their original ways, and to remake them is an Incredible idea, this album is really a good piece of work