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Black metal poison, French underground - 90%

marienbad, September 3rd, 2007

Deathspell Omega is among the most unique projects from France. The funniest thing is I can't say which "era" is better: their previous material with Shaxul on vocals (mainly the masterful split albums) or the new material with Clandestine Blaze's Aspa on vocals. The band's music is now also very different from those earlier and much rawer sounding recordings.

The split with Mütiilation is another highlight for Deathspell Omega. The split is a 10'' so it contains only three songs, one from Mütiilation and two from Deathspell Omega. To concentrate deservedly more on the latter, I'll say that the former's song is very ugly and venomous underground madness with Mütiilation's typical simple but evil guitars with very tormented and dead vocals. The song is good but not among the band's best.

Deathspell Omega, however, offers once again some incredible moments of musical atmospheres of total darkness, depression and sadness, never forgetting some more playful or faster moments this band also handles (and handled) so well. The lyrics often deal with violent themes and sacrifices but still the music isn't always only dark and ultra-sad, it has its more energetic moments there, too. Still I think that the most amazing thing with early Deathspell Omega are their totally recognizable and personally unique guitar riffs that simply have a lasting effect of haunting in me. This means their guitars are extremely depressive and ominous.

Deathspell's first song Insanity Supreme begins with a menacing guitar melody that is on the same level of talent and vision with the riffs in Clandestine Blaze split. Insanity Supreme is also a good name for this song as Deathspell Omega has always taken great care on what their lyrics sound like and how they are on their part creating the atmospheres of the songs. Insanity Supreme is one of their best songs.

Another song is called For Fire And Void Become One and it is a little more chaotic song in a good way. Speaking of chaos, this earlier material is still far away from the chaotic fascination the bands latest album "Fas" possesses! This second song on the split again brings the other split album songs to my mind with the magical guitars that are played on each other. It doesn't matter at all that the vocalist sounds the same or the mixing sounds the same when these people had so much left to be created with the elements already used. There are black metal bands that seem to be able to create unique atmospheres and visions with their guitar riffs and Deathspell Omega is one that always comes to my mind. I won't be able to compare their elder and newer material together, no matter how much I admire the new albums, too.