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Simple and naive, but very enjoyable - 75%

torn, December 8th, 2005

The most immediately notable aspect of this EP is how well recorded it is. Anyone who has even the slightest experience of LLN will know that professional sounding recordings were not exactly a priority of theirs, but this does sound almost professional. All the instruments can be heard clearly and separately, which leads to a very different style than is expected from Mütiilation; hence this contains none of the murky, fetid atmosphere found on the early full-lengths.

What we do get is three songs that are almost more similar in style to the ‘Rites Through The Twilight Of Hell’ demo than, say, ‘Vampires…’ The riffing is incredibly simple, each song being built around a single main riff. This main riff is exactly the same palm-muted rhythm in each of the songs, with only the actual chord sequence differing between songs. Occasionally there is a short blasting section accompanied by tremolo picked chords, but it’s mostly mid-paced, with simple, punchy drum beats supporting the guitar. The chord patterns are nothing special, and there’s nothing about the guitars that will enchant you in the way that Mütiilation later managed, but the sheer simplicity and naivety of the music is really quite enjoyable. This is to ‘Vampires…’ what ‘Deathcrush’ is to ‘De Mysteriis…’ The vocals are also slightly unusual for Mütiilation, being high-pitched screams rather than the growling and majestic shrieking that we are used to. It suits this EP, though, and it’s an impressive demonstration of Meyhna’ch’s vocal range.

It’s hard to recommend buying this in its original form, because any copies that are still left will undoubtedly sell for ridiculous amounts of money. For musical value alone, it isn’t worth much, comprising just three songs that, although fairly enjoyable, all sound pretty much the same. As a piece of history, though, this release is definitely important, and it’s very interesting to follow the progress that Mütiilation made between their first demo and their first album. It’s certainly worth getting this as a bootleg copy, or through a tape trade, but unless you don’t mind spending large sums of money on something that is only worth the price of a normal CD, I can’t recommend tracking down an original copy.