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Hail Sathanas! - 80%

Taliesin, September 4th, 2006

So this is Mutiilation just previous to the release of Vampires of Black Imperial Blood. On here we're talking the most pro recording quality I've ever heard for the LLN back in the day, everything is clear and clean and very seperated. How they did this who knows, maybe this was the only thing they recorded in a studio back in the day.

This is dark music, it is a bit more traditional metal then other Mutiilation though. I can hear a strong influence of Varathron and other Greek bands in some sections, before it moves to its true spirit of French darkness and bleakness.

The vocals are yet again different. Less extreme then other Mutiilation demos, they are closer to old school BM like Venom and less nuts then "Evil" or something. Despite this and the more traditional black metal style of the riffs, this EP holds up well as a representation of a side of the LLN, a very different side then anything else done by them.

So if you want to hear a strange side of Mutiilation check this short EP out, it is strange for sure, but also very good and well recorded, I suggest checking it out.