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The beginning of a ruined, cursed soul. - 85%

LordBelketraya, October 31st, 2006

I never got this in vinvl format but recently got hold of the cd re-release format. It seems Meyhna'ch is upset about bootlegs of this being sold out there. He points that out in his statement in the booklet. I'm glad he decided to re-release on cd format since I don't use vinyl records and it's easier to play in the house and car. This EP is just a mere 3 tracks but in a way it signifies more than just that. The music is just wonderful, in a way it's an elixir for an LLN fan like myself. After having to put up with some questionable material of late from Meyhna'ch (Hell Militia, Malicious Secrets, last 2 Mutiilation albums) this EP reminds me why I love this band so much. What Meyhna'ch had was an ear for a catchy, melodic, yet demented tune.

Something that immediately took me by surprise was the production. It's better and clearer (not as raw) than 'Remains...' and 'Vampires...' but not synthetic sounding like the last two albums. It's also clear that there's a real drummer and it sounds like he has a band backing him up. I cannot emphasize enough how much Mutiilation benefitted from having other members to play instruments, it gives it a more powerful and effective sound. This is something that Meyhna'ch has sadly drifted away from in the last 6-7 years. Whether or not there was conflict with past members is something that could've been fixed with session musicians. He easily could have written up the guitar, bass and drum tracks and have "sessionists" play out those tracks for a thicker and heavier sound.

Just 3 tracks, but the quality of this music outweighs the fact that it's clocks in at under 15 minutes. It's a real headbanger and very well thought out. In a way it leaves you wanting more This EP was (at least for me) the beginning of a French Black Metal revolution that is burning brighter than ever right now. It might be the first official LLN release and soon Vlad Tepes, Torgeist, Belketre, Moevot, etc. released their material to the world forever changing the face of black metal. Mutiilation to me, paved the way for black metal in France, it set the blueprint for the band's career but in many ways, it set the path for other bands to follow as well. And lastly, to quote the creator himself, "Support Mutiilation, avoid the bootlegs!"