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Fairly entertaining, if not exactly amazing - 69%

CannibalCorpse, January 31st, 2008

I discovered this little EP about a year ago; back then I wasn’t aware of any LLN releases but all the rumors and myths got me interested in the material of their leader – Mütiilation.

While this is indeed an enjoyable release, there is no reason for overrating it. The EP contains three tracks of fairly raw and dirty black metal (not quite as gritty as most of the other LLN releases) and will satisfy most second-wave listeners, but they ought to find better releases in the vast pool of the black metal scene – if it wasn’t for the first track on “Hail Sathanas”.

“Desecrate Jesus Name” has an awesome, quite melodic and very memorable main riff going for it – it almost sounds like Mercyful Fate took a stint into Mütiilation’s rehersal room back in 1994. Unfortunately, the track gets torn apart by a rather shitty middlebreak, consisting of a boring and unoriginal tremolo-powerchord riff, reminding of a second rate Darkthrone rip-off.

The other tracks are less memorable and have more of the aforementioned second-rate riffs, but are still solid in their aggressive delivery. The vocals are well done, ranging from tortured yells to nasal screams; both are delivered in a convincing manner.

There is little left to say for this demo; in conclusion it can be said that this by no means a quintessential release (like many people seem to hail it as) but an enjoyable slab of second-wave black metal.

Especially recommended to fans of the LLN, but I’m sure most of then will know this EP already.