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Mütiilation - Black as Lead and Death (Live E.P. ) - 70%

filthgrinding_scum, November 27th, 2012

So it must be somewhat grating to those from the Les Legions Noire scene that after kicking Meyna'ch out of their super-secret-best friends club for being junkie, thinking they were exiling him, when the fucker rebounds brilliantly, carried on what he was doing and ended up having a more successful career than any of his peers, having the most famous band from that enclave and it's legacy it still going strong, despite the band folding in 2009.

This E.P. is possibly the last in the discography for Mütiilation unless some hidden dirt is brought to light, as Meyna'ch dissolved the band in 2009 ending nearly 20 years of a French black metal legacy, luckily for us a death rattle has been sounded and the result is this E.P., a recording of one of only two shows that they ever did, from back in 2001.

The sound was apparently taken from a video camera...and that sounds about right, the recording quality is pretty dreadful but it's possible to hear the songs, although they do sound quite cacophonous and full of static. This E.P. is one of those releases that may not sound excellent but it is worth experiencing to hear one of France's prototypical black metal bands live, in much the same way that 'Live in Leipzig' is, it is just an important mark in the history of black metal, in particular relating to the French scene.

The songs only number two but are choice cuts, unleashing a torrent of malcontent of hate, Meyna'ch's vocals tear above the wall of noise that is the drums and guitars (bass is pretty much lost). The songs are visceral and demonstrate more hate than was ever captured on the original 'Black Millenium' recordings. A short E.P. clocking in at just less than 11 minutes it's a shame that not more songs appear on the E.P. but for what little is available, it is surely enjoyable.

Black as Lead and Death whilst short and feeling as though it lacks in play time (even some alternate recordings instead of just live stuff would have been nice) is still a good listen, I must confess that I can't see myself listening to it again as it is simply too short and although hateful I'd prefer to listen to the originals where I can hear more of what is happening and have the bonus of more than two songs. I could only recommend this to fans of Mütiilation, and big fans at that seeing as there is a distinct lack of copies available and I'm sure that it will become hard to come by very quickly, hopefully End All Life will take it on and re-print more copies so it can be enjoyed by more people.

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