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Fantastic - 90%

Hellegion, February 10th, 2003

This album is very good, and any fan of black metal should own it.

Wait, you want a bigger review?
Well, the production on this one is pretty clear, and everything sounds like it was directly inputted, bypassing all amps. It was more than likely recorded on an analog recorder, or possibly a really primative digital recorder. The vocals on this are like the last few tracks of "Remains...", a medium-pitched growl that sometimes gets to the point where it sounds like a pig squeeling (not a bad thing, if you are thinking it may be). There are some really drug-induced (if you know anything about the band, the drug is probably heroin) structures on this, and the guitar riffs are mostly minor chords (very depressing and cold). There are a few filler tracks, but nothing major. My favorites on this are the first two tracks and the last bunch of tracks, as they are extremely well-written. There are even some church bells in this!

Overall, very good, and an essential "nowadays" black metal release.