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Competent, yet pretty disappointing. - 79%

IWP, June 1st, 2008

Especially coming from a band that released to classics in the form of Too Fast For Love and Shout at the Devil. This album is not bad at all, though it's not even close to quality of the Crue's last two albums. It was apparant, Motley Crue wanted to be recognized by the mainstream after Shout at the Devil. They achieve that on this album, but the quality goes down as a result. This album just seems so watered down and bland.

There's really not that much that stands out here, but at least the album stays consistent for the most part. The main problem I have with this album is that the riffs have lost their aggression. I wouldn't have a problem wiht that had the songs have been very catchy like Poison. However, we hardly even have that much catchiness on this album either. Some songs are better than other though.

The best song on here surprisngly is a ballad in the form of Home Sweet Home. This song often takes responsibility for starting the whole trend of puting ballads on glam metal albums in order to soud more commercial. However, this song is one of the better hair ballads. It's done with just the right amount of emotional and melody which helps it succeed as a great ballad. Use It or Lose it is also pretty awesome as well. Like Livewire and Red Hot, this song is also the obligatory speed metal song, though thus one is a bit watered down just like the rest of this album. However, it's still speed metal, and thus is still awesome almost by default. Louder Than Hell and Smokin' in the Boys Room are also pretty good though lack the aggression of songs from their first two albums.

Overall, this album is not bad, though it's not really great more to less awesome like the Crue's first two albums. On that note, this album is still pretty good, and if you're into glam, you might still dig this album. I'd say it's the worst out of Motley Crue's first five albums. Though, it's still pretty good, and thus should not be overlooked.