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The Crüe's best by far! - 92%

Wacke, January 30th, 2008

Mötley Crüe is one of the biggest glam bands ever but they've only released one really good album and that's "Shout At The Devil". Their debut "Too Fast For Love" is gretty good aswell as there's some great pieces here & there on "Theatre Of Pain" & "Girls, Girls, Girls", athough non of them is near as good as this album. I used to listen a lot to glam and sleaze bands like the Crüe, Guns 'n Roses, Poison, you name it but even then I thought this was their best album. So, what am I thinking today, maybe 2-3 years later and almost not into that music at all? Well, it's pretty easy. Mötley average sucks pretty hard except on this album, it's here you can hear what capacity they got of writing great glamish heavy metal.

The album starts off with a legendary but worthless intro before the almighty title track goes off. It's a heavy tune with a famous catchy riff and it's one of their best songs. Track 3 is the defenitely best song by the Crüe, it's "Looks That Kill". It's a classic "Headbanger's Ball" song with a great guitar solo by Mick Mars. The album goes on from here with a short song, one instrumental & a Beatles cover before it's time for their fastest song ever, "Red Hot". It starts off with some nice double bassdrumming by Tommy Lee & goes off into a heavy banger with a great riff. When it's finished it's time for the hit single "Too Young To Fall In Love", an absolutely great song & then it's time for "Knock 'Em Dead, Kid". A more sleazier song with a catchy riff aswell as a catchy corus. The last 2 tracks are great but they're not so special though.

The production is great & much better than their debut album. You hear everything clearly & the drums sounds fantastic, it's a little like Kiss' "Creatures Of The Night". Dark & heavy all the way. The guitars are nice too & especially the great solos by the underrated guitarist Mick Mars.

The cast is great, everyone in the band are doing a great job with Mick & Tommy on the top. The producer whoever it was have done a great job aswell with making this their by far heaviest & greatest album. It's also their only album that doesn't sound weird in anyway because of the production like all the other albums do.

Finally then. The best cuts are "Looks That Kill", "Too Young To Fall In Love", "Knock 'Em Dead, Kid" & the title track although every song is simply great, even the Beatles cover "Helter Skelter".

I would say that Mötley Crüe was born for real in 1983 with this album, after the tour sometime in 1984 they died. This was the real Mötley for me & they havn't lived up to this album since.

R.I.P. Mötley Crüe