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Shout, Shout, Shout at the Metal! - 90%

PowerMetalGuardian, July 25th, 2004

Whether you think Motley Crue is a glam rock band is besides the point when it comes to their second album, Shout at the Devil. This album captures the essence of Motley Crue every being considered a heavy metal band. Sure there are glam tendencies on the album, but the riff work is heavier, and probably the heaviest Crue album.

I like to break down Shout at the Devil into two sections. The first section includes tracks one through six. Here we have two popular Motley Crue songs -Shout at the Devil and Looks That Kill. These songs offer up some of the heaviest riffs from the Crue. In the Beginning is a nice, brilliant, and probably necessary touch to bring in Shout at the Devil. In my opinion these two songs along with Bastard tend to be the glam side of this album. Maybe because all these were written by Sixx. God Bless the Children of the Beast is basically a useless instrumental, as it doesn't accomplish much and only lasts a minute and a half. Then we have the cover of The Beatles Helter Skelter, which is good seeing as it is brought up to heavy metal standards.

The second part of the album, which basically is unknown to most people, features some of the heaviest songs Crue has ever written. I agree with Ultra Boris in that Red Hot and Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid are sandwiched in between Too Young To Fall In Love, but they are decent (average) songs. Red Hot's chorus riff tends to sound like older Riot, and with the beat from Lee makes for a good head banging song. Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid is alright, it tends to sounds like Looks That Kill, but the crunching riffs are more heavier. Too Young To Fall in Love is a great song, its more softer compared to the other songs, but nonetheless a Motley Crue hit. The intro riff to Ten Seconds to Love and the chorus riff to Danger are excellent. Danger, while having a soft melodic part, shows the dark side of Motley Crue.

So overall this is the essential Crue album for all heavy metal fans. Whether you think that this band is glam doesn't matter. Shout at the Devil has a lot of memorable moments, kick ass riffs, and enough metal to make you headbang -I guarantee!