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Absolutely essential heavy metal. - 92%

Nightcrawler, February 20th, 2004

Fuck yeah! This is how to fucking rock! Too Fast For Love had the songwriting nailed down, but on Mötley Crüe's sophomore studio effort, they take all the great stuff from the debut - catchy, memorable and fun songwriting, with the instantly recognizable style of each individual member - and intensified the songwriting many times. Top that off with better, sharper and heavier production (then again, keep in mind that I have the remastered SATD and a CD-R of the original TFFL, so I may be way off on the production) and even catchier and better songwriting, this is sure to make any fan of the traditional metal style cream his pants several times while listening to this album.

This is probably the most metal album they ever did (of the first five, anyway, which is what I've got) and by far their greatest. A heavy metal classic, full of fist-pumping and headbanging anthems (Shout At The Devil, Looks That Kill) and our fair share of the typical Crue-rockers, such as Bastard and the intensely heavy Knock 'Em Dead Kid (watch out for the solo in that one, it sounds like it could've been from Melissa!). This is awesome shit, no doubt about it.
The songwriting in itself never got better, heavier and more intense for the band, and on the album Mick mars lays down his greatest and most fierce guitar performance. Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx back him up strongly with a very, very solid backing rhythm, giving an extra punch to the already punchy songs. And on the front we have Vince Neil, who sounds far stronger than on the debut.

What also sets this apart from other Crue albums is the small amount of fillers to be found. The only weak song here is the closer Danger, which is boring as fuck, but hit "eject" before it and you'll be off fine. Aside from this, the stuff on here owns you from start to finish. The somewhat silly intro The Beginning leads into the legendary anthem Shout At The Devil, which is one of their best songs ever. Looks That Kill has some awesome heavy riffing and very, very memorable vocal lines, and a pretty mean attitude in the vein of Piece of Your Action from Too Fast For Love.

Eventually, other standouts include the monstrously and insanely cool cover of Helter Skelter, which is just a huge barrel of fun, and one of the catchiest songs on here. Red Hot, whose riffs are nearly speed metal, is another memorable song with an in-your-face attitude that far surpasses almost anything else they put out. Too Young To Fall In Love as well is a classic, with an incredibly infectious chorus and a nice emotional touch in the songwriting.

The rest ain't bad either, but these are the definite highlights, and all 10/10 in my book. In conclusion... this isn't the heaviest metal ever, there's still a definite hard rock-ish vibe to them. That might be somewhat off-putting for some, but for those who just wanna fucking rock and headbang, look no further!