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Classic glam metal at it's best! - 96%

IWP, June 1st, 2008

Holy shit! Does this album kick ass, or what? Well, if you're into nice and fun 80s metal with awesome riffs, then it certainly does rule! This in my opinion, is the best glam metal album ever so far. It has yet to be matched so far. It has aggression, riffs, and balls, while also containing the fun and catchiness of typical 80s metal. It certainly doesn't get much better than this, and it's even better than their last album. Other than Ten Seconds to Love, there's really no less than awesome song on this album. The riffs are at their best here, Vince Neil sings with attitude, and the solos are great as well.

The best songs on this album would be the ultra fun songs, Looks That Kill, the title track, Helter Skelter, Knock 'Em Dead Kid, and the more ballsier tracks, Bastard, Red Hot, and Too Young to Fall in Love. The title track, inpaticular has a great sing-a-long chorus that is so cathcy that you can't help but SHOUT along to it. Helter Skelter is a nicely done Beatles cover, and like Boris stated, is a heavier.

Then, there's the heavier songs on the album that help maintain Motley Crue's heavy metal status. Bastard fucking rules with those mean ass riffs, and a chorus that slays. Red Hot is total speed metal ala Judas Priest. It's similar to Livewire on their last album except not as awesome as said track, though it still slays. Then we have the absolute highlight of this album. Too Young to Fall in Love. Damn, this song is fucking awesome! It has everything, from ballsy riffs and attitude, to catchiness and fun. It's not very fast, but the riffs surely make up for that. This is one of the Crue's best songs.

Other than one filler (Ten Seconds to Love), this album is flawless. it represents 80s metal perfectly, attitude and all. It's Motley Crue's best album, and possibly the best glam metal album ever. If you don't own this one yet, than get it! Even if you don't really dig glam that much, you still might like this album. It's that fucking good! Shout at the motherfucking Devil!!!