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Evil Has Its Due - 90%

Erin_Fox, October 28th, 2006

When ‘Shout At The Devil’ hit the scene in late ’83, Motley Crue turned the metal world upside down with their Bad Boy, hell spawned image and their abrasive, fist pumping style of razor edged metal. Visually, The Crue were quite shocking, but even more so were their occult themed metal tracks complimented by Mick Mars’ brash and crunching metal riffing and pouting vocalist Vince Neil’s piercing wail. The album’s intro is well known and bands of today such as Dry Kill Logic give it props by using it to introduce their live set. Motley were the atypical rock bad boys that pushed life to the linmit and in the process, wrote some really killer music that holds up just as well in 2005 as it did when it was released.

Drummer Tommy Lee pushed the envelope with the frantic double kick thumping of ‘Red Hot’ while bassist Nikki Sixx kept the band grounded on the rock your ass off anthem ‘Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid’. The Crue made themselves brought their trashy Hollywood sleaze to the radio airwaves with their classic hits ‘Looks That Kill’ and ‘Too Young To Fall In Love’, a couple of tracks which still rear their ugly heads on rock radio quite often, and among the faves of Crue diehards everywhere.

Neil really lets loose on the bottom heavy title track, while Mars throws in some errie bends with a wicked sneer. Over the course of their career, Motley retained a core groove, but none so dark and heavy as you’ll find on ‘Shout At The Devil’. The Album’s more controversial pentagram themed artwork only graced the LP, which by this time had gone the way of the T-Rex, but copies of this package are still plentiful and very cool indeed. Featuring a gatefold cover with the band looking as if they were posing in the middle of hell, here you have the inspiration for the black metal of the later eighties through today, whether the bands want to admit it or not. Undeniably Motley’s most powerful and wicked effort of all, this record is simply the coolest overall release in the band’s catalog. Snatch up this classic piece of heavy metal history and SHOUT!