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So this is what "the Crue" has come to... - 30%

ViciousFriendlyFish, December 7th, 2013

Absolute garbage. This band just gets more despicable. It's funny to look back on how the band were making such a big deal out of this song when it was being released. They had all these ridiculous sexual references plastered all over the metal news websites and the like, e.g. Referring to the 30 second preview as "Foreplay" and then telling us to "Have sex with Motley Crue" . Eww. Even if I was in my fifties and female, I still wouldn't have sex with any of the members, In the end, was it really worth all the silly innuendos? Nope.

I get that when you are releasing something new, the logical thing to do is promote it, but the whole innuendo thing is silly. It's like the band are parodying their 80s lifestyle of drugs and sex, and in that vein, it carries on from the band's not very good comeback album, Saints of Los Angeles.

Now the song itself: I think vocalist Vince Neil actually sounds fairly decent, all things considered. Still, he doesn't sing with the same raw energy and passion as he did in the 80s. The music sounds more like a typical modern rock song trying to be 'classic' (and failing) than a good Motley Crue song. The lyrics are nothing special or new. If anything, it's rather embarrassing. "Don't need no loving, no respect, 'cause it's all about the sex" pretty much sums the message of the song up. And seeing as the band have resorted to putting crap like this out, they don't deserve any loving or respect anyway. It's the sound of a bunch of washed up has beens trying to impress us with their supposed continued sex drive, when they're all at an age where they probably need viagra to get it up in the first place.

You know what? This is most likely another song penned not by the band, but by Nikki Sixx and his Sixx:AM bandmates. God knows why the guy thinks this is the best thing for Motley Crue. What makes it worse is that it took the band FOUR years to get this ONE mediocre at best song out. In their heyday the band had an album out every two years, and each one had quite a lot of good material. It just goes to show how dysfunctional this band is today, and not even in a good ol' rock 'n' roll way either. They contradict each other in interviews about whether they're releasing another full length album or just a measly EP. It's now been nearly six years since their last album and all we've had since then is this one fucking song. It's a joke, really.

However, the band members can clearly still play their instruments well, but it's just all wasted potential at this moment. Maybe if they stopped trying to appeal to the masses so much by sounding like modern metal and writing shitty, immature lyrics about drugs and sex, and they wrote something more honest AND as a band, then maybe they would make something pretty decent. That's the main saving grace, really, but. I'm still giving this 30% quite generously.

Motley Crue's latest music has no substance. You finding yourself asking why you're listening to this when you could be listening to something from Shout at the Devil or Dr. Feelgood. It offers nothing new or good. I advise you to ignore this track. You're not missing out on anything apart from the band embarrassing themselves in a way that really isn't funny.