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Best Album Since Feelgood - 98%

rhoadsfan, March 17th, 2009

Saints of Los Angeles (From now on will be called SOLA) is the first Motley album of all new material since New Tattoo in 2000. It is also the first with the original lineup since 1997's Generation Swine. But do the Crue still got it? The anwser is yes. Yes they do. What we have here is a collection of sleazy rockers that would not sound out of place back in the late 80's/ early 90's.

SOLA is a concept album based off of the best selling book The Dirt, which is the bands autobiography. The themes of the songs go right along with the book and tell tales of drug abuse, partying, getting signed to Elektra, the music industry, and simply fucking shit up. The band also refinds the sound it helped invent on this album. Gone are the groove inspired tunes of the Crab era and the industrial dabbling of the late 90's. In its place are high octane rockers in the vein of Dr feelgood.

You can see them trying to bring back some things they did on earlier albums like Feelgood and Shout with the spoken word intro LAMF that leads into a rocking tune. Even though this album is a return to form it sounds modern as well. One songs even sounds like something Avenged Sevenfold would have written. But that's what you have to do to survive and stay consistent. Also almost every song on the album was co written by Nikki's band mates in Sixx AM. This is probably what led it to sound more modern but Nikki can do that on his own, he is a master songwriter.

From start to finish this album rocks you to the ground and doesn't let up for a second. This is music to snort coke to, to bang girls to, and to crash your car to! If your a Motley fan and you don't enjoy this album from start to finish you just aren't a Motley fan and should go home now.