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What the hell is Quaternany anyways!? - 40%

PowerMetalGuardian, April 28th, 2003

Oh man, where does one go with this review. Let me first explain that there are two kinds of this album. One had the five Quaternary songs, and the second, the Japanese version, has some other songs on it.

Let me just say that the Quaternary sucks, and if this was just the album, then no one should ever buy this shit! The first song is called Planet Boom, and it starts off with a Boom! A nice bass beat, but then goes into rapping vocals with a Nine Inch Nails guitar feel. The song continues this pattern, almost sounding malcorish at points. The second song Bittersuite sounds like an Aerosmith ballad, no lyrics. It's good, but it's like going from NIN to Aerosmith. Thats to fucking crazy. Then we see more of the NIN type feel with the next song, Father. Stupid crazy noises and sounds make it sound like crap. There isn't even a real riff in the song! Friends has a nice intro, the band members are arguing, but the song goes shitty with a piano, Elton John type song. Eh if your into it then thats cool, but definetly not metal, or glam metal for that count. Babykills, the last song, is actually cool, it has cool licks in it, the singing sounds a lot like Steve Tyler though...not great, but definetly a break from the NIN-Aerosmith-Elton John thing.

The Japanese version has more songs on it. The first song 10,000 miles is a ballad. It's alright, for that type of music. It has a very nice acroustic pattern, and the distortion blends nicely in, so no complaints with this song. Hooligan's Holiday is your typical Crue song, but this version is the extended version. It goes into this remix of something. It sounds really shitty, unless your into the whole Mortal Combat theme song/ NIN techno sound. Living In the No, finally a song that sounds close to Motely Crue! Nice song, nice solo, nice nice nice decent Crue song. The last song, Hammered is a long solo, with some backing vocals, just sounds, no actual lyrics. This album is fucking wierd, I don't know what else to say. If your board or interested, then give it a shot. But if you have better things to do, don't even bother with this one!