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Finally, the original TFFL on CD! - 80%

NimaBlaydz, May 22nd, 2006

We'll this is what Crüeheads all over the world has waited for since the original LP got out of print.
For the first time ever, the original "Leathür"-mix is available on a official realease.
The sound of the mix is rawer with more reverb and delay effects (that sometimes sounds a bit missplaced though). There's a different running order.
Starting with the albums strongest tracks, "Live Wire", "Public Enemy #1" and "Take Me To The Top", it's a completely different experience.
The only thing that really is much better on the original mix is the acoustic intro on "Merry-Go-Round" and the original intro on the title track, maybe the cooler ending on "Come On And Dance".
Overall the "Elektra"-mix is more powerfull and has a more "compact", intense and more "in-your-face" feeling.

But still the fans can get hold of a "Mötley Crüe holy grail", and that's the main reason to buy this box set.
'Cause the rest of the box are just re-releases of the re-releases of the bands first four albums.
Especially the first two discs, covering the "Too Fast For Love" and "Shout At The Devil" eras, are really kick-ass Heavy Metal Glam when it's at it's best.
Many fans thought that "Theater Of Pain" was to polished, it's still a good album in the bands early style.
And even if "Girls, Girls, Girls" are not pure Mötley Crüe, it's still good and the album has some really great songs like "Wild Side", "All In The Name Of", the title track and the ballad "You're All I Need".

Disc two, with some TFFL-era bonus tracks and the "Shout At The Devil"-album, on it's own is a reason to buy this box, since this is Mötley at their best.
With a album as strong as SATD it does'nt matter how cheesy or mediocre "Girls, Girls, Girls" are, it will compensate.
Still, it would be better with more extra tracks, like obscure demos (there are 4-5 really kick-ass song that never was released, and we have albums track demos like the infamous "BoogieMetal" version of "Red Hot") and live recordings.

Overall, this boxset is recomended to all die-hard Crüeheads and to everyone that know that they like Mötley but just don't know what to buy.